Friday, 9 August 2019

The Value of Things

Whenever we think of the value of something, we think of its economic value. We never consider environmental value...the value of an ecosystem, creation, purity. We never consider psychological or spiritual or aesthetic value. But have you ever thought, some of these things, which don't have a price tag, might as well be PRICELESS!!

Let's think for a second. How much value will you put to that sense of relief when monsoon arrives after a sweltering summer? The sense of freshness early morning breeze brings, or the sense of pure joy of seeing that sunrise/sunset or the full moon. How much is your child's happiness worth when s/he gets to play in an open area as opposed to our cramped tiny urban homes? How much money would you spend to make sure that the food your child is eating is free of harmful chemicals?

Environmental value may be long term and comes in disguise. But to realize how much it is worth, just close your eyes for a second and imagine a scenario when it is not there anymore, forever. Will you ever be able to get a clear view of the horizon or play that game with your child to name the constellations in a clear sky with thousands of stars? 

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