Sunday, 18 August 2019

The Economics

Over thousands of years, we have gradually established ourselves as the dominant species on the planet, thanks to our intelligence. We have achieved so much, pushed so many boundaries. Once we were at the mercy of nature but we evolved, started using the available resources in our favor. First we took advantage of the available resources for our need, but we didn't stop there. We started transforming nature, disrupting natural processes to satisfy our ever increasing needs. We started 'ruling' nature and exploiting its resources for our benefits.

This sense of apparent victory has led us to believe that we are superior species and we are above nature. All nature's resources exist for our benefit and we have the right to use them or destroy them as we please.

Let's forget about the nature's contribution to everything else. Even if we consider only the economic perspective, how many of our occupations depend on nature and its wellbeing? Fishery, forestry, agriculture, animal husbandry, tourism to name a few industries directly depend on nature and indirectly, pretty much every other industry.

If we were really superior to nature, a collapse in any of these resources wouldn't be disastrous to millions of human lives. Unfortunately, human history has proved this notion wrong over and over again. At the end, we always learn that nature is the true ruler and we are at its mercy.

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