Thursday, 22 August 2019

The Bleak Future

One of the reasons why many of us are not involved in this fight for our environment is that it is difficult to think about future. All of us experience this when we turn a milestone year and feel how did this happen to me? Even though we have had 30, 40, 50, 60 etc. years to prepare for this, we still struggle to accept the change in the decade.

Applying the same idea when the environmentalists are talking about impact which we will feel in 2050, it's not possible to imagine what that would be like.

When I think about it, I will be about 60 and considering I live in coastal area, mostly I will be looking for a new house as the area will soon going to go underwater. Due to increase in population and lower habitable land, mostly I will end up finding a small shanty, if I am lucky. As the number of natural disasters have increased, I will be struggling for food and clean water. With the increased diseases with pollution, my health would have deteriorated. But I will still have to continue to work otherwise I will not be able to afford water, food and shelter. My country will be at war for water, we will be looking at world war three, with an eventuality of death of whole mankind.

All of this I will be seeing in 2050 if I am not dead already. Looking at this future, I am not sure I want to live towards it as well.

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