Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Selfish or selfless

Do we consider ourselves selfish? Or are we selfless? By Biological theory, our survival instincts need us to be selfish. By Socio-Economic definition we are rational human beings and therefore need to be selfish for our needs foremost. However, beyond these theories there is an overwhelming sentiment that Human beings are capable of being incredibly selfless. Perhaps the best example is mothers caring for their children.

And yet, inspite of either capacity, we are incredibly inert to the degradation of the environment that sustains us. If we have really evolved to be selfless, shouldn't we care about all the animals and plants we are killing, driving them to extinction, the baby animals who are losing their families, their homes because of us.

And even if we are primally selfish, it is a bigger reason to start caring about the environment. Environmental degradation is heavily affecting us. Human health is getting affected due to toxins released in soil, water, crops. Every country is trying in vain to deal with property and life losses resulting from the ever increasing unpredictable climate hazards. Food production is getting affected as soil is becoming less fertile due to over exploitation. Pollution is making people sick, especially our children.

Or Is there a third category? Like, ignorant. Ignorant to the level that we blissfully dig our own graves and dream of it being our ship to that heaven we crave.

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