Wednesday, 7 August 2019


Who do we love most in the world? I am pretty sure for most of us, one of the first three people would be our mother. Our mothers gave us the life that we have today. She raised us, fed us. Without our mothers, we won't exist!!

We have similar emotions for many other things. Our mother tongue for example. We feel the best expressing ourselves in our mother tongue. It gives us comfort. Same for motherland. We can never deny the bond we have with our motherland. Some among us are ready to die for our motherland. Because that's the land that has raised us, flourished us, gave us the values we live by. 

So - is  mother earth not the same? What will we ever be, if it was not for her? She didn't just give us life, she created us. She didn’t nourish only us, but everything else that makes us. Then why don't we treat her like our mother, with all the respect and love? Just as We cannot imagine our lives without our mother or detach ourselves from our motherland, can we even imagine a life without mother earth?

Forget imagine, it is NOT possible. And even if we train ourselves to live an artificially induced secondary life outside of her in a distant future - we will need to be blessed with her resources many times over to make that possible.

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