Thursday, 15 August 2019

Fairy Tales

As a kid I loved fairy tales and I loved cartoons. Let it be Tom and Jerry, Duck Tales, TaleSpin, I loved them all. I mean what was not to like, these were animals behaving like humans. Heroes were nice, naughty and kind while the Villains were rude, plotting but always losing, so much that it was difficult to even hate them. I loved Tom the cat and the beagle boys, they may be bad but they didn't have a choice and sometimes were shown to be soft hearted too.

These were my foundations to love and compassion. These cartoons, these animals, they taught me how to live and let live. You remember, the friendship of Aladdin and Abu, Snow White singing to birds, Princess Jasmine with Raja the tiger, and even recently Moana and the chicken heihei... Did you ever think of these as just pets? They were full companions who were capable of choice, who for good or bad (mostly good though) helped their humans.

Isn't that what life is about? We as humans, we need these animals, we need them to care for us, sometimes even forgive our mistakes. But most importantly its for us to love and respect them.

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