Sunday, 4 August 2019

Climate change

Scientists are saying that climate change is the biggest problem facing the world now. Barrack Obama did acknowledge: 'We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.' Closer to our everyday - we have even more proofs - a lot many more. Can you still predict rains as we did 20 years ago? Did you hear about so many droughts, floods, cloud bursts, wildfires, cyclones when we were kids? How many people do you catch complaining about the intolerable heat every summer? If anything - look at your electricity bills over the years in summer. It will tell you how the mercury has been rising up and down unexpectedly. 

Everyone thinks 'what can I do alone?'.'Let the government start it, I will join'. Un-egged, unlike other issues - religious, racial, regional or cultural - no sentiments get hurt. Our government - unanimously acknowledged as corrupt but surprisingly also unanimously acknowledged as a spoon feeder - does not prioritize. Years go by and some "ointment on wound" equivalent is what so ever taken. Never anything vaccine nor even antibiotics.

So what can we do? A lot - if we stop underestimating our "outside social media" abilities to change the world. We can plant a tree and more and let the trees speak for our efforts. We can reduce paper usage; opt for ebills, e tickets, ebooks, soft copies of documents, online newspaper and guaranteed  we will be saving significantly more trees in a year. We can switch to energy efficient electrical appliances, light bulbs, fans. We can be a lot more prudent with the Air Conditioning. We can opt more for a little less convenience and choose public transport and save fossil fuel consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emission. And, we can raise our voice against deforestation. Let the government and industrialists know where our truest sentiments get hurt and where our real priorities lie - we won't support destruction of this beautiful planet anytime soon. 

If each of us alone can make so many changes, imagine what our social circle is capable of doing! If even a few more get influenced by our efforts, we can change a good part of the world- for better. So let's stop expecting someone else to take all the actions for us, and let's shape our future ourselves, together.

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