Monday, 5 August 2019


There was a time when I liked this city I live in. There was limited natural beauty, but I didn't mind. Weekend getaways during monsoons right outside the city was blissful with fresh greenery, magic of hills, waterfalls and mists. But, as the population grew in the city, so did the crowd, pollution and garbage in my once blissful destinations. Involuntarily my travel choices started getting me further and further away from the city. And before I knew it, I was spending more time outside my home than inside. 

My travel choices got me to many places. Mostly natural, some more pristine than the other. I saw ocean so blue that it hurt my eyes. I saw sky full of thousands of stars. I saw forests so colorful that it looked like a palette of a painter. I saw beautiful sunsets, heard birds singing and smelled fresh air. I saw animals minding their own business as if I was not even there.

A few years passed. People kept asking me -- "why do you always have to go out. Why can't you stay at home once in a while? You live in the convenience of a metro city, you can do so much here as well.. " can I? For a while I gave it a thought. I could amp up the luxuries - get some ambience, maybe host a party, step out for some retail therapy? Or eat at some classy joint - how's that for a change? Then one day I looked out from my 16th floor balcony and got my answer. There was a splash of skyscrapers, but the sky was a dull grey - it had lost its colour. The streets were busy but all I could see was a layer of smog. I couldn't see the stars at night even when there was no cloud. Pollution had taken over my city. And subconsciously triggered in me an intense inner desire to be with nature. It was this biophilia that dragged me out of this city, every time, and this was a way of life that I would choose over all luxuries now.

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