Saturday, 24 August 2019

An Usual Funeral

Big changes don't happen overnight. There are different stages of it and it starts with acceptance. To solve any problem we first need to acknowledge it. Only when we accept the problem, we begin to understand it more, gain knowledge, awareness and finally act on it.

Climate change is a problem which needs immediate action. But how many of us even accept the fact that it is a problem? We are seeing evidence all around us but we keep denying it. So it is hopeful to see at least a tiny group of people starting their journey towards change by accepting it as a problem.

Okjökull glacier in western Iceland is the first glacier to lose its status as a glacier to climate change. Warned by this historical event, Iceland held a funeral to commemorate this once huge glacier. “A letter to the future”...the inscription says on the bronze plaque that was mounted on a bare rock on the barren terrain once covered by the glacier. “In the next 200 years all our glaciers are expected to follow the same path. This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it,”

This doesn't ease the climate change problem, at least not yet. But it certainly takes the first leap towards big change, acceptance. Are we ready to take that first step?

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