Friday, 23 August 2019


The other day I was talking to my mother about the rainforests and how it is being cut and the impact this will have on the environment. In one place, I referrenced "Amazon" and she asked me what do you mean Amazon? I told her Amazon forest, the river... didn't exactly understand what I should be saying to explain. Then she laughed and told me, oh I thought you meant the Amazon company from my phone. Utterly flabbergasted I laughed as well.

But later on, it dawned on me that my 60 year old mother is thinking about a company when I talk about the rainforests, then what will be the case for younger generation. Nothing against naming the company, but it made me realize how far we have come from nature. It made me realize that if we want people to care about these issues it's not just important to say it once but we have to keep repeating it till the time it sinks in. We have to encourage people to travel and experience nature so that they understand the cost of losing it.

P.S. - The forest in the picture is not Amazon Rainforest. But is the story too different for all other forests?

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