Tuesday, 23 July 2019

The hard addiction...TIGER

All passions have a source, an instance when it is kindled from a small trigger to a full blown inferno. Even tiger lovers tend to have a source to their lifelong obsession. For me, it's the beautiful Maya from Tadoba Tiger Reserve. 

Maya is undisputed queen of Tadoba. She is one of the most famous tigresses in India. There are kings and queens of every tiger reserve who are responsible for putting the reserve in the map of tiger tourism. Some of these famous tigers being Machhli from Ranthambore, Munna from Kanha, Collarwali from Pench, Sukhi Patiha from Bandhavgarh. 

Some of these greatest tigers/tigresses are not there anymore with us. Even if I will never get to see them, I am blessed to have the opportunity to see their lineage, the current superstars of these jungles. Even after seeing some of them (Arrowhead and Krishna - Machhli's lineage, Spotty - Sukhi Patiha's granddaughter), there are many more to go!! I actually wish my tiger obsession had started earlier so I had the opportunity to see more of these legends.

When I saw Maya, I was so excited that I couldn't even take a decent photo of her. I have seen many many tigers since then. But that first sight of Maya walking across Pandharpauni lake like a queen will be etched into my memory forever. If only we had the technology to print images from our memory!!

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