Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Nature's abuse

A few weeks back we wrote about Chennai’s water crisis. And today it's time to talk about Assam’s flood. Water crisis doesn't discriminate. Neither does flood. It washes away humans and animals alike. 

Every year Assam faces devastating floods leading to property and life loss. While floods can be a part of a natural ecological process, it can also lead to massive destruction. Due to rapid deforestation and climate change, flood incidents are on the rise, just like any other extreme weather event. And that is what we are seeing everyday now, on social media, or in the news - people of Assam suffering, animals running for high grounds, failing and drowning. 

Every action has its consequences. Our abuse of natural resources has got us to this stage and we only have to stop this mayhem. Praying would not help unless we actively turn back from some habits. We destroyed the green space, and only by restoring it, by planting trees we can bargain for a last chance to keep breathing on this planet. 

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