Monday, 29 July 2019

My strength!

When everything seems to be falling apart, when there is no light at the end of the tunnel, when the future appears grim, there’s always someone I keep turning to...Tigers, my dearest big cats !! They are my most favourite! I look at their photos & they give me the strength to put one foot forward & then the other and get through the day, day after day. 

You may laugh. What a silly little thought!! But is it really? We feel lost, we turn to our families & friends, don’t we? I consider these wild cats to be my friends, maybe even family...every one of them who still breathes on this earth.

It’s the most ideal connect. The wild tigers are the embodiment of struggle. Less than 3,000 of them remain in the Indian forests now. From the day they are born, they are taught by their mothers that they are never safe. There are dangers lurking at every corner, a farmer's electric fence, a speeding car on a highway cutting across their home, a poacher's snare or guns because some twisted pervert thinks tiger's reproductive organs are aphrodisiac or a poison trap set by someone who just doesn't happen to like them because of the 'inconvenience' they create. Their homes are disappearing, so much that they don't know if they will have a place to call their home once they grow up. May be another stripe just moved behind the bush ready to pounce on them, may be the baby the mother just had will never grow up because she couldn't stop herself from blinking for a second & that moment took away her baby. Their food sources are depleting or getting washed away every year in floods. 

For them every single day is a struggle. Every additional day lived is an achievement! So they give me confidence. If they can go on, so can I.

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