Sunday, 7 July 2019

Infinite Power of a Consumer

Environment!! It is in danger. It needs saving. But what can I do? I am just a tiny individual, minding my own business in my tiny life. Even if I change some things in my life, how would it ever make any significant contribution towards saving the environment?

But is that really true??

I may be a tiny individual with a tiny life and tiny social circle. But I am also a consumer. In order to survive in the world, we buy stuff. And every time I buy something, I send an economic signal to the manufacturers, industrialists, government about my choice as a consumer. My signal tells the capitalist where they have the opportunity to earn more money. Enough number of such signals creates the market, the building block of our economy. If the capitalist knows that the market demands environmentally responsible production, they will have to change their attitude also to meet that demand.

So am I really that insignificant? Absolutely not!! All I have to do is consume responsibly. Consume items that are sustainable, doesn't harm the environment. I just have to keep sending those signals to my industries and government that I won't compromise with the environment anymore. I want my planet safe and my child's future secure. And I have to tell my tiny circle to repeat the same process. Till the time, we are actually heard and we make a change.

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