Monday, 15 July 2019

Future of our Children

Once upon a time the oceans were full of majestic whales, sharks. Their numbers were so great that from many places around the world, they could be seen right from the shore. Commercial whaling for oil wiped out 80-90% of the whale population. Now they are so scarce that only those willing to travel and pay exorbitant prices to a handful of privileged countries to have some whales roaming the sea around them.
Once upon a time there were lakhs of tigers. Now only a few thousands of those striped beauties exist in the wild. Once there were birds chirping everywhere. Flocks of migratory flamingos painting landscapes pink every year. There were many elephants and rhinos, before human greed started wiping them out of the face of the earth.
Once upon a time there was forest everywhere, clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, chemical free food to eat. But it's all gone now, thanks to over exploitation of these natural resources for commercial purposes. Days are gone when the arctic regions had ice cover all year around, which so many species still depend on for their survival.
We always want to earn more, save more for our future generations. We aspire better lives for them than we ever could achieve. But is that only measured in money? What if in this pursuit, we pollute the air that they breathe, we pollute their water, their soil, rob them off their chance to live a healthy, disease free life, a prosperous life in perfect harmony with nature?
When the soil to grow our children's food will be full of cancer causing chemicals, the air will have more greenhouse gas than oxygen causing respiratory illnesses, the oceans will have more plastic than marine species, when the climate will change so erratically that natural disasters will be everyday causes of death, when the whole ecosystem will be broken and many magnificent creatures extinct, when the whole lifetime of our children and their future generations will be spent on failed attempts to clean up the mess we are now creating, when there will be no return from the wrath of the environment, if your child asks you, what did you do to protect my future, will you have an answer?

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