Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Footprint Everywhere

From the bottoms of the sea to the tops of the mountains, everywhere we can see human footprints. We actually have footprints even on the moon. There are many places where human may not actually have set foot but our presence on this earth has made an impact even on those places.

You see a turtle choking on that plastic, that could be the one I threw away. That bird feeding worms and that small chip of plastic to its chick, that could be from the bottle I used. The cow, considered sacred in our culture is dying because of how much plastic she is ingesting from our garbage.

I know all of us feel sad about these animals and hate that plastic heap, at the street corner, garbage being dumped at the ocean and landfills. But do we realize that it is each one of us who is contributing to it? For what, just for the sake of simple convenience. Imagine how our small actions can lead to a big change. If we can create this menace, we can stop it too. Each of us can make a difference, make sure we save the lives of these animals and don't choke our earth with plastic.

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