Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Don't take me for granted

I hate it when people take me for granted!! I mean, I do care about many people and will do absolutely anything for them. But does that give them the right to take me for granted, treat me bad, disrespect me? So yes, even if I love them, when someone takes me for granted, I try to teach them some lesson so that they start recognizing me for who I am!!

Isn't this true for all of us? We all want to be treated with respect. Then why would Earth be any different? We still don't know of any other planet with livable condition. So this planet has given us our life, everything we ever valued. She should have been treated with respect. Instead we exploited her, abused her, killed her other children over and over again. If now she wants to teach us a lesson, get her dignity back, whose fault would it be?

When we teach someone a lesson, it is generally small. Because we are small individuals, having very small impact on each other. But what about the planet? If her generosity made everything possible, her lesson can take all of those things away from us, in a flash. 

Remember, only the biggest love is capable of the biggest hatred!!

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