Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Culture, in the nature

As human beings, we are wired to think that what we do is the right thing to be done. Be it our culture, our religion, or more - we think our way is the correct way. Still, with everybody doing the correct thing, the society is crippled with so many issues - why?

When you travel the world, you get exposed. Exposed to new people, new perspectives, learn new things. This exposure opens you up to new ideas and diversity of thoughts. Exposure to natural world does that same trick to me. 

Every species have their own culture, language, food and social structure. There are dangers, struggles, hardships, and yet they never give up. Despite their differences, they find out a way to live together and help each other. Their synergistic relationships always fascinate me. It's like your neighbors. You may not share the same culture, but you help each other, stand up for each other in the face of danger. Every species is like a community. Their interaction with the ecosystem makes a society. Every ecosystem is like a new country. 

It isn't easy to start thinking of the natural world as something beyond the resource provider. But if you immerse yourself in that experience, this world has a lot more to teach you than the best libraries. 

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