Saturday, 13 July 2019


100 !! That's the number of posts we complete today!!

The journey started 3 months back, when two friends, wildly fascinated by the wonders of nature, decided to stop being bystanders.

Our love story with nature and wildlife was nothing new. We marveled at the beauty of nature, grandeur of these beautiful animals, the peace that the jungles provided, the spiritual fulfillment that the mountains offered. We cared deeply about the perils to the environment and were informed enough to take necessary actions in our own lives. But why didn't that still feel enough? We wanted to do more.

So we decided to raise our voice. Yes, the fact that we are just two faces in the crowd, didn't change. But we refused to believe that we cannot do more. And we started whispering our love for environment to those who would listen, once daily. That was 100 posts back.

But it still doesn't feel enough. Because these majestic beauties have carried the burden of our ignorance far longer than that. Little over a 100 years back, there were 100,000 tigers roaming the jungles of India. More than the number of people who chose to listen to what we have to say, more than the number of days we stopped being bystanders. Once upon a time they ruled the jungles, their own world. And we destroyed their kingdom, killed them, banished their children from their homes, oppressed them for our selfish interests.

So of course 100 posts doesn't feel enough. Here is a promise to this beautiful beast. We won't stop loving you. We won't stop whispering. We will raise our voice, we will shout at the top of our voice, every single day, if that's what it takes to save you. We will never stop hoping that enough people will listen someday to us and look at you with the same love and respect as us. We will not let you fade, EVER!!

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