Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Water- My Life

Water and life are synonymous. 60% of my body is water. Two third of my planet is water. Water nourishes, cleanses, replenishes and soothes me. Water grows food in the agricultural field and nourishes chicken in the farm. Water sustains my rich environment and supports industries. It powers my home, my fields and my economy.

Water gives me life. But what do I give back? I give back pollution. I kill water's residents, its communities. I dump chemicals, sewage, fertilizers in this water. I fight wars over water, yet do I preserve it? I build dams to stop its free flow, cut the trees that hold it together.

And the day when water decides to fight back, the life giver and preserver turns into a killer? After cloud burst, my whole village gets washed away like a piece of paper. Flood destroys my home, my community.  Drought lives me and my family begging for water. It kills all my crops leaving me hungry for the rest of the year. The bacteria that I released into water, comes back to haunt me with a disease. The chemical that I dumped comes back to stay with me for generations.

When will I learn if I keep abusing mother nature, one day she will fight back. Once that happens, how long can I stand in the face of nature's wrath?

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