Saturday, 29 June 2019

The Things We Have Lost

Some experiences can never be forgotten, they may fade over time but never truly wiped away. Even a tiny spark, a simple deja-vu, a passing mention can bring these memories back, just as good as new!!

A month back, thousands of miles away from my home, sitting in a national park in a foreign land, I heard some sparrows in the distance. And that one chance encounter reminded me of my childhood afternoons. I vividly remember, as a child, I used to sit in the balcony reading a story book. Never alone...I always had company from these tiny sparrows.... they were so many of them, chirping, flying, sitting, eating, making so many conversations in their own sparrowy way. Sometimes I used to fall asleep on the chair listening to their songs.

And then I grew up, as did the city and its population. With that grew, city's pollution as well. And suddenly, it didn't have enough space to accomodate the tiny birds...and they disappeared... May be due to lack of space and food, they all died or may be they went in search for a new home where they will still be allowed to sing.

Is it just sparrows? Who knows what else we are missing and don't even realize yet. Birds, clear sky, constellation of stars, clean air to breathe, a beautiful sunset!!

It is never too late, at least not yet!! We can't get our childhood back. But may be, if we try a little harder, we can still bring back that small part of our childhood. 

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