Tuesday, 25 June 2019

New Ways of Learning

When we start looking around the world, we sometimes see some interesting things... things we have never seen in our own country...a fresh perspective. I have always been interested in such perspectives for the fact that these are great ways of unconventional learning.

There are countries where visiting a forest is part of a child's education. Kids are regularly taken to the forest to spend some time close to the nature, in some places kids are even taught to pick up garbage when they see any. The benefits of such interactions are endless. It's a proven fact that spending time closer to nature improves a child's mental and physical health, their cognitive abilities. These interactions can also teach them how valuable nature is to us and what role nature plays in our survival.

Today's kids are tomorrow's decision makers. When they learn to care for nature and take care of it from an early age, they will continue to care when they grow up as well. 

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