Sunday, 30 June 2019

Ignorance is Not a Bliss

Chennai is facing severe water shortage. Bangalore was once the 'city of lakes' and yet it is said that the city will become uninhabitable due to acute water crisis within a few years. Delhi struggles with water even if Yamuna, one of the longest river in India, flows through it.

So what went wrong? Historically human civilizations grow primarily near water due to all the benefits the water offers. Human population grew next to large bodies of fresh water. As human population grew in these cities, we needed more space, more food, more jobs. So we either polluted the existing water with agriculture or industries or diverted rivers to build infrastructure. At the same time our growing demand destroyed forests, which made rain patterns unpredictable. So not only we destroyed existing water supply but we disrupted the natural replenishment cycle also.

We have a finite water supply. Instead of protecting it, we drastically reduced supply when the demand grew exponentially. How did we think we can sustain? Or did we think at all? Perhaps ignorance is not always bliss!!

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