Saturday, 8 June 2019

Beach Cleaning

Have you ever been to a beach cleaning exercise? My first time was with a couple of friends, all of us doing it for the first time. The coordinator assigned me a space of my fully stretched hands and told me to clean. I looked at him with baffled experssions as the beach where I was standing was clean. He smiled and said, dig. I thought he was joking or maybe the organization was actually into treasure hunt or some game and I was misinformed. But I saw that others had started digging around me, so I did too. And behold, I found my first plastic bag in just 10 seconds. I thought I am done and I am ready to move to other area. So I looked up, saw that others kept digging deeper, finding more in their own designated area. I sighed and thought, how much garbage will be in this small place. But I kept digging for about an hour and kept finding some garbage, plastic bottles, bags just swarming the place, layers of proof of our abuse of the environment over the years.
I have seen so much garbage being thrown into the sea, the sea throws a small part of it back to us on the shore. On the beach, that small part disgusted me to my core. Major part of that plastic waste remain in the sea. On social media, we keep seeing videos of turtles, dolphins, other fish with plastic around their body parts. How disheartening those sights of plastic filled beaches and those animal videos are!!!
But these seconds of sadness need to turn into actions. We need to stop using this single use plastic, move to metal/ glass bottle and paper/cloth bags. It is such a small change that all of us can easily implement it. It will mean a great deal to our environment. 

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