Friday, 21 June 2019

A Visit to the Zoo

My first visit to zoo was a school trip and I couldn't stand that place as it was so dirty and smelly. At that age, I wasn't mature enough to understand if it was so uncomfortable for me, how would it be for the animals who are caged inside. 

I know many people will say that these days the zoos are well maintained and the animals don't even have to scourge for food, so they are lucky to be in the zoo, with free food and no competition. But there is no companionship and you are trapped without your consent, without any way out. Most importantly, we are killing the natural instinct of these animals. Is that the life we will ever wish for ourselves? 

In recent times, we heard that Aarey forest is being cut and as a solution, the government will build a world class zoo in that area. Do we realize the extent of atrocity of taking away the homes of the animals and putting them in cages? Is this the cost of human development that we lose our humanity? 

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