Sunday, 12 May 2019

Story of a single mother

Story of a single mother !!

She is young, beautiful with more suitors than she can count. But no, her time is devoted to those tiny bundles of joy back at home. She has to provide for them, take care of them and make sure to keep them safe from all the earthly dangers lurking about. She has to teach them their way around the world and become independent. Until then she has no time, not even for herself. Only sometimes, once in a while, just for a second....she needs to sit and relax, only to get up rejuvinated, prepared to conquer the world for her kids...

This is her story....the young beautiful Spotty. The queen of Bandhavgarh! But may not be hers's the story of every single mother in the world!! 

P.S: It breaks my heart that even after so much dedication and sacrifice, Spotty could not save any cubs from this litter

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