Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Nature, my sanctuary

Growing up in a city I never experienced nature and its impact on our physical and mental health. It was not until a decade back I realized the true essence of nature. Since then it has been hard to ignore the calling. 

I am a tiny insignificant individual living and working in a big city. I am tiny compared to the grandeur of nature. But unlike city noises, nature doesn't bury my inner voice. Unlike city air, the forest air doesn't leave me breathless. All the luxury in my city apartment doesn't give me that feeling of home and I still long for the feeling of fresh dewdrops in my bare feet in the morning. Walking in nature the whole day, exhausted, I still feel at stress just melting away. 

When have my material possessions given me so much serenity? Even lost in a jungle, I am never truly lost, but I find my way back to myself. And now it pains me to see my sanctuary, my home being further and further away from me every passing day!!

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