Saturday, 11 May 2019

Innovation and inspiration

As humans, we are not super strong or super fast. We cannot change our color or shed our fur in varied climate conditions. But we are intelligent, we can think, adapt and whenever the need arises, we innovate. We saw birds can fly but we cannot so we invented airplanes. We saw sharks chasing their prey stealthily, so we invented submarines. We don't have night vision like many animals, but we learned to illuminate the dark. Nature has served as the source of our imagination, an inspiration for our innovations since the beginning of time. But as we invented, we grew more and more ignorant towards the consequences of it all. In the process of creating artificial stuff to make our life easier, we destroyed natural balance. 


We still don't care about nature because we think our technology and intelligence will show us the way forward, that somehow we will survive. But if our own innovation is fundamentally dependent on nature, how long will we be able to survive without this nature itself? Where would we find inspiration from if our dreams will also be bleak without this nature?

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