Saturday, 25 May 2019


Historically in nature, any life form in abundance or in greater number, gets lesser and lesser protection from nature itself. In the process of energy being transferred from one species to the other in form of food, most of the energy gets lost in the atmosphere (Law of Entropy). As an example, smaller fish, plenty in numbers, die also in abundance. They help nurture the ones in the higher levels of food chain. But they cannot help sustain equal number or equal volume of those higher in the chain. Higher up in food chain you are, lower your population. It's a pyramid- that's how it is sustained by design. If some species higher up in the food chain grow uncontrollably in number, pretty soon they will run out of food. While if the numbers of these small fish were to remain unchecked by predators, they will occupy the whole of oceans. Balance to this pyramid is the key to survival of all living beings. 

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