Monday, 20 May 2019

Drive slow and carefully around forest areas

Just about a 100 years back, 100,000 wild tigers roamed the forests of India. The forests were teeming with life. Lots of big predators, and even larger number of prey. Now, there are only a handful of these animals. What the universe could not do in a million years, we managed to do it so fast, in 100 years. We destroyed their habitat, built factories, villages, cities, roads around these national parks, killing thousands of the animals. And we still continue to do so in an era of 'fast', with our faster cars. Animals still don't understand cars or roads. They don't understand what that gigantic beast can do to them. They walk their territory, their forest roads and since we encroached on their space so much, they sometimes venture out to the roads, only to be run over by our speeding cars.

Solution: drive slow and carefully around forest areas.

We have already taken enough from them. Don't they now deserve a little bit of respect? If not in life, at least in death? Nobody deserves a death that pathetic. But statistics say that hundreds, sometimes thousands from different species die from roadkill in India every year. Many of them are leopards, elephants, tigers, which are already in the endangered species list.

If we care at all about the environment and animals, and we are looking for some everyday solutions to implement in our lives, nothing can be simpler than this. Let's show some respect to these animals and drive carefully around the forest areas. 

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