Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Basic Needs

Bandhavgarh Queen, a mother, Spotty, out on her patrol to guard the much needed territory when her tiny new born cubs are hidden away, sleeping. 

These magnificent beasts of nature don't demand too much. A natural habitat to call a home (territory), enough food to stay alive, water to quench thirst, shade to rest and cool down in a hot summer day. And maybe most importantly, safe haven to raise their young. Sadly, sometimes we fail them in even that.

We shrink their habitat, kill them or their food, global warming vaporizes their water, less trees means lesser places to rest. And safety?!!? Many think jungle safaris are risky. But the fact is tigers are endangered (due to human interference) and humans seem to be thriving. Tell me then who is the real danger and who needs protection?

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