Monday, 6 May 2019

Addicted forever!!!

Do you believe in love at first sight?? I never did, until i saw....HIM!! Seeing this handsome hunk 5-7 ft away from me, the world faded away, my camera fell silent but my heart started beating wildly. Trembling hands, quavering voice and eyes only for him....i forgot myself!! This was my encounter with Matka, name probably given to him looking at his sheer size.
When I saw him so close to me, I was on a high. If this is how a junkie behaves, let me be drugged forever. The 'high' of a drug wears off...but with the memory of those few moments etched in my heart forever, I got the 'high' of my life.. 

P.S: I started taking pictures again after Matka passed our gypsy and started walking ahead, that too after I gained my senses back and heard the guide say, madam, picture le lo, achha aayega (take picture, it is a good opportunity)
And indeed it was a blessed opportunity.

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