Wednesday, 17 April 2019

The Boiling Pot

We have all heard of the tale of a frog in a slowly boiling pot, how the frog boiled to death as he didn't realize the temperature was increasing slowly. The story is used to fight against the status quo.

This theory has been refuted scientifically and if you ask me, no one is actually that dumb. But as I see many people around me refuting global warming (because it is snowing in US), I am not so sure anymore. 

To all the naysayers, let me try again, with just one example.

Mount Kilimanjaro, the legendary dormant volcano has lost 85% of its ice cap in the last 100 years. This ice cap has been the lifeline, major source of water for millions of animals for thousands of years. Scientists say that Kilimanjaro could lose all its ice before 2035 which means the end of life for all those animals in Kenya and Tanzanian plains. Millions of lives lost.... Do we think its only just going to be those animals that we will lose? The mountain supports millions of humans too. How long before the limited resources are all gone and we are left to die without food or water? Can our technology or our urban developments save us from nature's wrath?

Just like that frog, we are sitting in a boiling pot and the temperature is quickly rising. If we continue the status quo, it won't be the fault of the pot but that of the frog for not taking action.

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