Wednesday, 17 April 2019

A Vigilant Mother

The ever vigilant mother....
Our lives are such roller coaster ride!! With so many ups and downs. The only way to survive it is with the help of a loved one, that shoulder on which we can lean on. But not everyone is so fortunate. .
This mother has to take care of her babies all by herself. Being a single mother is difficult, tiger mother does it while protecting her territory and hunting as well. Being a tiger mother is a job without any respite. Even one short nap can be fatal for the cubs. She has to protect her tiny vulnerable cubs because she knows that they are helpless without her. She has to be their mother, protector, teacher... and she has to do it every hour, every minute for about 2 years....until her babies can survive on their own. .
And we think our lives are hard!!!

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