Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Say No To Zoo

The beauty of this majestic creature is sure to leave the viewer speechless. As I watched this amazing couple from hardly 30 ft away in an open car in the wild, their own habitat, I felt ridiculously small, insignificant and invisible. They were free and reigned supreme but awestruck by their presence all I felt was respect, not fear.

Change #2- Say NO to zoo and safari parks and promote wildlife tourism

On the exact opposite spectrum was my experience of a "safari" where the lion was caged and so were we. As if the lion is ready to pounce on us any moment. It pained me immensely to see such majestic animals tamed helplessly and locked in cage barely 30X30mtrs. This felt inherently wrong and corrupt as if I was doing a tour of a hospital and having a fun packed day at the expense of the patients. There was no mutual respect and understanding, but only fear and divide.

The whole idea of nature or wildlife tourism needs to be based on understanding our eco system and inter dependency. We need to appreciate and love these animals and we can't do that within cages. There are many natural parks which help you see animals in their natural habitat and we need to promote these so that our future generation is fascinated and learns to admire these animals rather than fear them. Let's promote freedom for all living beings.

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