Friday, 26 April 2019

Tale of Baby Langur

So so cute, isn't she? What if I tell you that the chances of this tiny baby to ever grow up in this world are pretty slim? Does it break your heart? 

Yes, life in the wild for herbivores is not easy. Survival is a struggle, everyday battle. But it's much more pronounced now than ever before, thanks to us. We raised our own kids, built houses for the cost of their homes, their forests. We provide for our kids, feed the cost of their food sources. We build industry, infrastructure for economic the cost of their air and their habitat. 

Now having lost their homes, they come to our buildings; having lost their food, they steal ours. When we shoo them away and call them thieves, is it really their fault? This mother also has to raise her young, just like us. She would feel the same intense pain if she were to lose her baby. For the sake of these cute innocent eyes, isn't it worth trying to let them live in their world?

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