Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Save Paper, Save Environment

If there is one product used by every single individual in the civilized world, that is paper. With the advancement of technology, paper has become more affordable. The cheap production of paper has led to increased consumption and subsequently huge waste as well. 

Change #3: Say no to Print Outs...go digital. 

Paper industry contributes to over 30 Million acres of deforestation and destruction of natural habitat in a year. Paper is harmful for the environment from the start of its lifecycle till the end. The production process uses up lots of water and energy, and produces other pollutants for the environment. When paper is burned, it emits carbon dioxide and when it rots, it emits methane...a greenhouse gas. 

We use paper in our everyday life. One of the major usage is hard copy prints. An average worker prints 10-12K pages in a year, equivalent to one whole tree. By saying NO to print outs, each one of us can save one tree in a year. By saving one A4 size paper, we are saving 10 ltrs of water in its production process, and huge amount of energy. That's a significant contribution, isn't it? 

So another change we have made in our day to day life is, we have stopped taking unnecessary print outs. We use soft copy whenever possible and look for digital medium. By deliberately reducing print outs, we can contribute significantly towards saving the planet. 


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