Wednesday, 17 April 2019


Ever since creation, evolution has been a scientific reality, survival of the fittest. Many species evolved while many went extinct... Humans started with the lot .. all hands on the deck ... but pretty soon jumped on the deck and took over the steering wheel of this world. Not just survived - rather they thrived. They left those cave homes to live in high rises. Evolution didn't bless human with wings but they still flew...over and even beyond the earth. .
But did we fly so high that we left that human -born out of nature- back in those caves?? That instinct which guides our survival, which understands natural laws. 
Animals form packs to increase their chance of survival. Are we not smart enough to understand the power of unity? I have seen monkeys helping deers to alert them of approaching danger. In the face of drought, prey and predator sharing the same water source together. How can those simple minded animals know that they cannot survive alone on this planet while we, the smarter lot, destroy everything in our way, animals, forests, nature, our own home. We destroy the air we breathe. When we cut those trees that give us oxygen, are we surviving because we are the fittest? Or are we digging our graves because we are making everyone sick by surviving?

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