Thursday, 18 April 2019

Dancing Lights

There are things in nature which have the potential to change us, change the way we look at things. Sharing one such events from my life which changed the definition of the color green and night sky for me. 
Northen lights. In a remote Norway wilderness in a sky without any artificial light, suddenly irrupted green flames as if our wishes had taken life form. Just like our hearts, these flames started dancing, when the shapes moved and new colors appeared.

I cannot see this shade of green anymore (which is pretty common in our world of technology and colorful lights) without thinking about the goosebumps I had when this light appeared in the sky. Those few hours in that bitter cold night changed how I would feel about colors and artificial lights, probably forever. 

P.S: See the ghosts at the bottom? Great rewards come only after great suffering. Yeah, the bite of cold. When it becomes intolerable, when toes and fingers go numb, tears roll down and freezes on the cheek, you dance, jump, move around....simply do anything to elongate that wonderful moment before giving up.

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