Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Majestic Blue Whale

Blue Whale, oh such majestic creatures.. My first sighting was when a whale that we were chasing decided to pop up just next to my side of the boat. For a second, I was left speechless, I felt like extending my hand and touching it to make me believe that all of this was happening. I was actually allowed to witness his majesty- this blue whale, it's sheer size and closeness making it impossible for me to fit it fully in my vision. It's dive into the water, it's water blow and smart swoop of it's fin was so mesmerizing that I kept pinching myself to believe in my sweet luck. I kept thanking my stars for how this awe-inspiring creature could ever exist and then I actually got a chance to see it in it's natural habitat- the ocean....

The experience was too awe-inspiring for me to take a decent picture in a turbulent sea. P.C. @rajaandthewhales .

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