Monday, 29 April 2019

Curious case

A conversation between a mother and a kid...
Kid- "Let me see, let me see, I want to see"
Mother- "No stay back, you will hurt yourself. When will you start listening to me?"
"But I want to see, pleassseee"
"Ok fine but stay close to me, don't go near"
"Oh my God, mummy, what is this? It's so big and scary, what is it? Don't leave me.. Please I am scared, hold me"

Does this sound familiar? All babies are curious, naughty, when scared they cling on to their mother. And above all they are super cute, adorable, precious. Even animal babies are not so different from our own babies. They need just as much care, protection and love as our babies do. All babies have the right to grow into this world with equal opportunity. 

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